Jo Ann Stafford

I joined MVP Realty 3 years ago, previously I was with 2-3 different brokers. Derek is by far the BEST Broker. Derek is a leader who actually cares enough to offer his agents more than they could ever ask for. He has REAL training, hands on tutorials that you can actually watch, pause, do it and learn it!! Other brokers that I have been with always offer training – it ends up being a great pep talk, you leave go back to your computer and sit and wonder what do I do now how do I get the business. With MVP you can spend more of your time doing what needs to be done, if of course you take the steps to do it. Derek will teach, show and empower you to be the best Agent you can be and then it is up to you to put them tools to work. I highly recommend going to MVP; Where you will learn more within you first 30 days of HOW TO BE SUCCESSFUL, writing contracts, sales, what to do to boost your business. The $99.00 per month / $99 per transaction – is literally nothing for the value of the immense learning, hands on training, and broker support that you will receive.